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Cosmonatura SL

Cosmo Natura S.L.
Since spring 2010, the company operated under the name Bionatural Cosmetics Cosmo Natura SL

Natural Cosmetics S. L.

Cosmetics Bionatural first appeared in 1991 on the market. In the beginning, natural aromas, essential oils, massage and aromatherapy oils were by inserting the aromatic plants of the forest and this distilling essences crafted and marketed. In early 1995 Aloe Vera was introduced to the menu, from which the first trademark of Bio-Naturkostmetik arose. First began BALEAR NATURA and NATURA CANARIA create, improved formulas and initially added Aloe Vera Calendula added key ingredients.

Later bought Natural Cosmetics S. L Laboratorios Farmaceuticos 4040 for extending the range of the brands MAGIC ALOE, COSMO NATURA, IB COSMETICS, PERE Marve and medical products for hospitals, geriatrics, physiotherapy, and aesthetics, especially the laboratories.

Besides all this, the actual brands of cosmetics factory laboratory for its customers according to their needs and for various manufacturers in this sector.


Natural Cosmetics

Since 1991, the laboratory was established to using natural extracts of medicinal plants for the processing of its product lines. From the former product compositions of Bionatural products have been developed with the use of Aloe Vera gel as the main basis new product brands such as Natura BALEAR, NATURA CANARIA and IB COSMETICS that except Aloe Vera and Calendula officinalis (Marigold) with its fabulous features for the care and feeding the skin included. The new brands more refined active extracts were added. Thus, in MAGIC ALOE or PERE Marve as novelty processed salt from the Dead Sea with its benefits for the skin. It is exclusively imported from Jordan.

During the manufacturing process is the quality of attention, so that the products comply with strict controls over. Therefore, even the raw materials are strictly controlled during harvest and selection. The cosmetics and application products are designed for all those people who are looking for natural products among the greatest efficacy and the maximum guarantee.

With the brands, the company is a leader in this sector. Due to the great confidence of both consumers and businesses, will be produced for the exclusive products and own lines, we developed and improved new products for its customers.



Bionatural was the first mark with Aloe Vera on the market. Initially, the products were made exclusively for aromatherapy, later expanded its range with the introduction of aloe vera. Since the Aloe Vera Barbadensis is grown in the Canary Islands, the juice and the gel can be processed directly from the company and filled. These represent the active main basis of the whole cosmetic range, supplemented by other active base materials in the various products of the range, in particular the massage oil aromatherapy line is noted by the addition of precious oils such as wheat germ oil, sesame oil, sweet almond, corn and sunflower oil, which are analyzed after 3 months of rest and bottled for their use.

Bionatural products are presented in attractive packaging and labels with beautiful, ideal for sale in natural, herbal and diet shops.


IB Cosmetics

Under this brand products for professional use are available, ideal for sales in perfumery and cosmetics shops for all those in the cosmetics sector is not only the quality and effectiveness but also in hygiene and comfort and the ideas. They are available in 250 ml plastic tubes.

IB Cosmetics is a brand that. For quality, beauty and diversity such as Behandlungsgels, Feuchtigkeitsemulionen and creams They are ideal for presentation.



The brand was launched on the Balearic distributors with the collection of Aloe Vera done to the already used calendula (marigold) into the product range. The Aloe Vera came initially from the Balearics and now replaced by growing their own, under the highest scrutiny.

This brand has received many references and presented very professionally. Most packages are screen printed and are therefore ideal for sale in nature, cosmetics, herbal and diet shops.


Brand Pere Marve

This is the latest range and still in development. Both in their diversity as well as new compositions For these products, in addition to Aloe Vera and Calendula officinalis are not so known salts of the Dead Sea with many excellent features that are invigorating and mineralising for the skin.

These products are in plastic containers, packed in attractive boxes.

The creams are not only in doses of 50, 100 and 250 ml also available in tubes of 100 ml with four-color printing, so that they present themselves appealing.

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