About Argan

Argan tree (argan, Argania spinosa)

The argan tree is from the south-western Morocco. There it has been around for 80 million years there. Previously he covered large areas of North Africa are likely in Europe, due to climatic changes, it grows even today only about 800 000 ha is It is a medium-sized evergreen tree with thorns. His crown may reach a size of up to 70 m.

Can survive is a greenhouse in the family Soapberry, the drought and temperatures above 50 ° C. Because of its hard wood, it is also known as iron tree. It can be 250 to 400 years old.

The precious Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree. There are almond-shaped Keren, about the size of sunflower seeds, which are surrounded by a hard shell. Three of these hard cores stuck in the Arganfrucht that looks like a blend of olive and yellow plum and has a bitter pulp.

Of the handmade manufacture only falling fruits are used, which are crushed by machine after the air drying, so that the dry pulp of the nuclei released. Nachem the shells were crushed between stones, roasting the seeds over low heat and grind them in a hand mill. The resulting slurry is treated with water, until the oil separates.

The Argan oil is used for food from fats and essential oils, it contains about 80% of unsaturated fatty acids and has a walnußähnlichen taste.

Even in the bibliography, it is mentioned that women used the oil to preserve the beauty and health. Argan oil is an excellent dermal regenerator, which is rich in vitamins and other elements, and when used in cosmetics scoring good results .. The properties of this oil, which are connected to the aloe vera from the Canary Islands contributes, to produce a range of high quality cosmetics, such as argan contain aloe line with many items very useful active substances